Sunday, September 09, 2007

9/11's Around the corner...

So everyone who's been keeping their eyes on the calendar knows that 9/11 is right around the corner. Normally this day is used to improve nationalism and to unite our country in an effort to protect itself and honor those who lost their lives six years ago.

However this year, activist groups are taking a different look at this day. Marches are going to be held on Washington DC, people are encouraged to speak out against this war. 9/11 is supposed to be a day without school, work, buying or anything. We are encouraged to 'Hit the Streets'.

I'm still trying to make up my own mind on how I feel about this event, but I figured I had a huge resource of ideas and opinions within IB. What do you guys think about using this day to pose a strike and to have this particular month filled with various protests, etc.? I know that one can claim that it's not ok to use this particular day to protest the war, but is it really ok to use this day to encourage it? If it's the lives of those lost that we're trying to honor, then why are we sacrficing more in this 'Endless War'?

While looking this stuff up, I came across quite a few outraged editorial authors who commented on Congress' recent decision to allow Bush the power to montior and 'wiretap without a warrent for 6 months.' We learned while reading Anthem, I believe, that Liberty/Freedom and Safety are in a constant tug-of-war. What do you guys think about this? About the fact that our freedoms are disappearing for 'safety'... and even that 'safety' is questionable.

So... I don't know if I'll be in school on Tuesday or not, but I want to know your opinions.


Mr. Pseudonym said...

In all honesty I find the treatment of 9/11 in this way very distasteful. I think that the day should be spent in reflection of what happened that day, not as a method for speaking out against what you may see as a corrupt political office. It is completely irrelevant whether or not you agree with the war, because that doesn't change the fact that planes flew into the Trade Center on that day 7 years ago. I am not saying at all that you need to support any system you see as corrupt, just that you should hold the honor of those that died in the incident in your hearts, and not just use it as an excuse to cut class, work etc.

Almost just a bothersome to me is that people seem to have completely forgotten that it happened. I have seen so many ads and such that are just treating it as another day. All I ask is respect for the dead.

Rick_Andrews_Director said...

I agree with Mr. Pseudinym. I find it completely distasteful that people are discourgaign the war or encouraging the war on this day. To me, this is not about wether or not you support the war or support certain politicians, it's about respecting our fallen brothers and sisters.

The first few days of TOK we talked a lot about context of a message. You may have the right message, but the context may be wrong. Most specifically is the man who held the sign "Freedom of Choice is the Right to Hate" during the funeral of an openly gay man. He may have had the right message, but many people (including myself) found it wrong to protest during a time of mourning such as that.

9/11 is no different. These marches may be having the right message, but they are doing it at the wrong time. 9/11 is a day or rememberign and mourning, not screaming at the top of you lungs. I just find that disrespectful. Sorry if I'm sounding like a broken record.

I also agree with the point that people have forgotten about 9/11. Forgetting about doesn't change the fact that it happened. People argue that it's time to move on, it's been seven years. Well, it's been over 50 years since Pearl Harbor, and yet we still remember. If we want to forget 9/11, then we need to forget Pearl Harbor.

Rick Andrews

katrina337 said...

I totally agree with Wolf and Rick; if they wanted to make this point, maybe they should make it on some other day, it's rather disrespectful to those who died on 9/11. It's a day of remembrance and reflection-not making your political views known. If we want to forget 9/11 then we might as well just forget history; really. Whether good or bad to any extreme, 9/11 did make a huge impact on this country-as well as other countries. It shouldn't be forgotten, but it also shouldn't be exploited.

And did you notice that half of the articles in the newspaper today were about Iraq? Couldn't we take a break from Iraq for a day? 9/11's not about Iraq, though the War on Iraq is one of the results, but I think it could've been focused on something more...pertainable to the day. :/