Monday, September 24, 2007


I had an interesting conversation with my mother yesterday. We had somehow got into a discussion about how different symbols mean things to people. When she asked me what symbols I would use for different ideas, we were pretty amazed at my answers. Here they are:

Hate: a heart
Freedom: chains
Faith: sunrise
Knowledge: flame
Learning: books
Happiness: an open space in which to be myself

I know this may sound a bit cheesy, but I'd be interested in what everyone sees as a symbol for each of these ideas. (and your justifications for them) If anyone wants me to justify mine I'd be happy to as well.


Dani said...

I see the juxtaposition for the hate and freedom symbols but what aboutt he rest? The learning one is pretty self-explanatory as well...but i odnt understand the others.

Stitches said...

Faith i cant really take as a religious symbol, because I have faith in much more than just my religion and my God. I thought that a sunrise was a primal representation of faith because we all have faith that the sun will rise, and will continue to rise. Happiness... I personally dont need money or material items to be happy. All I need is the freedom of self-expression. As long as I can be myself, I am happy. Knowledge I saw as a flame because fire is a two-edged thing, as is knowledge. The more you know, the "warmer" you are, but the more potential you have to get "burned" by how you use that knowledge or by what you dont know. Does that help?

Dani said...

that helps a lot, thanks.
i like your reasoning too

Stitches said...

thanks. anytime :-)