Friday, September 07, 2007

A Generation of Voyeurs?

In the past 15 years, the Internet has allowed every person with a web cam and a mic to truly claim their 10 seconds of fame. Whether it is lipsynching to a Backstreet Boys song or to an obscure, Turkish pop hit, across the world everyone has been searching for the silicon spotlight. While this instinct to fame has always been a natural and present one in humanity, why in this modern day and age are we so open to watching each other complete these embarrassing, ridiculous escapades. In Hollywood, where it seems every woman under 25 has gone utterly crazy, the rest of the country eagerly watches to see the fate of Britney's hair or Paris's prison time. The other day, while browsing the Internet, I came across a website created by a Yale Philosophy graduate, which features several individuals who literally live their entire lives in front of a live broadcast web camera. No privacy. Over 5,000 viewers at a single time. For those interested, though the concept sounds raunchy, they are strictly PG rated existences:

So, my question is......why, particularly our generation, are we so entranced with the daily lives and troubles of others? Why is privacy growing to gradual extinction in our society today, and what do YOU think about it's departure, and its possible impact upon future society?

~Jordan C.


Kenshin_Himura said...

I think it is less about the privacy manner than just the attention.

While it is shown that privacy is getting more and more rare, I don't think it will become "extinct." I can support that with some logical examples.
For example: a young child "dirties" their diapers. I doubt you'll go anywhere near some people and observe the proper changing technique.
Nevertheless, privacy is being slowly desintigrated, especially around those who are famous.

Now, supposing we were in the world where privacy is at a minimum, society, I believe might be a slightly better place in some aspects. When privacy is somewhat removed, it should be easier to communicate with others how you truly are.
However, without some private moments, some people may not have any lives. They would be too busy in the lives of others, which could be catastrophic.

susanna.w said...

Celebrities are idolized. Although sometimes ridiculous, their actions IMPACT people, whether consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, their actions are carefully observed to ridicule them or praise them as they are on a pedestal and oh-so-easy to knock down. We, as viewers, want just a little bit of that fame. To know there are people watching you and trying to understand you is somewhat of an ego boost. It gives you a little taste of fame that many crave. Privacy is not even a highly desired possession anymore. Its departure has already created a media-crazy environment.