Sunday, September 09, 2007

What's On the news

I saw a news story on CNN that I though was a joke at first, but it was real. It made me think about what is covered on the news, and what do the stories say about our culture and it's morals? I tried to provide a link to the video. What do you think?


lisaking said...

I think this is an excellent point for a discussion on cultural values and sense perception as well. Do you think this woman would have been pulled off the plane in Europe? In South America? What about in the Middle East?

Pumanupes said...

I actually just saw this video and got on to post it, but you beat me to it! Awesome!

I'd suggest that there must have been more behind this poor woman's situation than just her outfit. How often do we see people dressed similarly without consequences? We don't know what kind of mood the steward/ess was in when he/she pulled Ms. Ebert off the plane. Can you imagine how humiliating this must have been for her? I have a hard time believing that this was just to 'uphold family values.'
I don't know much about other cultures, but I do feel like this humiliation was poorly justified and unnecessary. I would assume that in places like the Middle East, she would not be allowed to wear such clothes anywhere, let alone on a plane. I would have thought that Europe and the US would have treated the situation in the same manner and just left her alone.
Can anyone comment on why, in the video clip, they decided to mention that she works at Hooters? Does that really help the woman's case at all? Actually, doesn't saying that alter our own pereptions on her? If she was actually an intern for a government official would our perceptions of the situation change? The line where they state that she works at Hooters does, in my opinion, nothing but make the situation worse.

katrina337 said...

Maybe my computer's not showing me links today, could someone post a link to it in a comment?

But what you people are saying so far sounds wonderful (in that weird sense of the word meaning I think I'll completely agree with you once I watch the video).

andrea chiu said...

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