Thursday, September 06, 2007


Is there really such thing as actual truth or is everyone's ideas of truth different? Is there something that is universally accepted as true and do things need to be accepted to be true? Can one person's truth be untrue to someone else?

What is TRUTH?


Mr. Pseudonym said...

That is a very integral question to this curriculum, because if there is no "truth" then there can be no knowledge. PJTB. If the T is assumed to be variable then this class falls apart.

To answer the questions:

1. Truth, in terms of TOK, is universal. What is variable is belief.
2. Things don't have to be accepted or believed to be true.
Par Exemplum: I believe that 1+1=fish. However what is true is 1+1=2. Regardless of that I believe or accept the truth remains: 1+1=2
3. No. Truth, as defined by TOK is universal. If someone doesn't accept a truth, then they lose the ability to gain knowledge, and the person who accepts it gains knowledge. Truth is true with or without belief.

And most importantly:
What is TRUTH?
Truths are universal constants. They are there so that there is consistency, and stability. The truth is gravity pulls me toward the center of this planet. That truth is a universal constant, and in fact this planet pulls everything else in the universe toward it's center, however minute, and minuscule that pull.

I hope that helps.

Kenshin_Himura said...

There isn't much anyone can add to what Mr. Pseudonym said.

I agree with most, if not all of it.

katrina337 said...

I'd just sum it up and say truth is a standard. Truth is what we come up with to define other things, but we can all have our own little realities.

Rebecca said...

My thinking is that there may be some giant hand that wrote out all the universal truths that mankind is supposed to live by, but that doesn't do us much good seeing as whoever owned that hand never told anyone what they were. What I'm saying is that even if there are predetermined universal truths, there's no possible way that we can ever find out what they are. So what's stopping us from giving up and just accepting that we'll never find truth? It's the fact that society can't exist without truth. We need basic principles to live by so that we can all get along, or else we'll just kill each other. It seems only logical that these truths most by found through general agreement of the total population. Obviously, this can't make EVERYONE happy, but at least it lets us live our lives.

katrina337 said...

I can agree with that, it's again the thing that human kind needs something to lead us or else we lapse into chaos.

tsizzinc said...

Truth cannot be found by those that seek it. It can only be explained by one that knows it.

my quote, said by me.

katrina337 said...

*applauds TC's words of wisdom*

But seriously, I like it.

Carlos said...

Unfortunately truth can't be that simple. It cannot be universal because if it is universal then we have never and never will attain truth. This is because we, as organic human beings, cannot grasp anything outside our field of view (literally). Remember that we are limited by our senses and so can never perceive universal truth and neither can we tell it to someone as language is also limited to metaphors for a concept (car does not embody the "truth" of a car, it is merely a sort of metaphor that we use to stand for the concept of a car).
For this reason we will never achieve universal truth, which leaves us only with relative truths; this is what we do and can posses. With relative truths we limit the domain (so to speak) of our statement. For example 1+1=2. We can consider this a truth. However, 1+1=2 only if 1 stands for the concept of unity (one lol) and that + stand for the concept of addition, not to mention that we must use this numerical system for that statement to be true. This is the same idea as using axioms in math; it gives us a starting point or a structure with which we can work. If you remove the axioms, however, you remove the structure and you could prove just about anything true.
This is just my point of view. Hope it helps :3