Saturday, September 15, 2007

Blog Posting

I first want to thank you all for beginning this year in such a positive light when it comes to blog posting. Again, by you remaining mature, thoughtful adults, you are making it possible for future students to expand what we can do as a TOK class. Great work so far. But as we begin the blog logging process (starting this week!), I want to make a few comments based on the teachers' and students' perspective...

1. Mrs. King and I have said this to you all but please remember... your use of this blog is related to how well you will perform on the final essay and presentations... It will help... we promise. So take advantage.

2. Think about what you post... Simple questions are great but be thoughtful in how you present your ideas and potential debate topics. Ask for what you want... justifications? claims and counterclaims? etc.

3. Discuss! You have taken to posting so well that we are drowning in posts and comments have been lacking lately. Your initial ideas and thoughts are great, but until you talk, challenge one another's ideas and respond to what you read, you will be limiting your own skills. So slow down on posting a bit and take some time to comment.
(There will be ebbs and flows with this aspect of the blog but please help keep it balanced)

3. Use your TOK skills! Use the language, the concepts, personal examples... and Justify, Justify, Justify.

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